Unveiling Must-Know Flutter Commands For Every Developer

Flutter is the ultimate Google UI toolkit for creating unique applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and others. Flutter Commands are also suitable options for web applications with a single codebase. Codename “Sky” is the first version of Flutter, and it has been used in Android OS. 

Flutter becomes the most amazing stable version in the framework. The Flutter app experts can easily create the Flutter command-line tool suitable for adding interactive features. Developers can also use the Dart command-line tool to enable Dart-related commands.

Use Of Flutter Tool

Setting the flutter development environment in Android Studio or even the VS code is quite important. These are suitable options for easily showing the command line, even aspects of the Flutter. 

Developers also use the commands of flutter sdk, which gives better stability in designing the commands. You can also use the Flutter tool for creating, analyzing, testing, and running applications.

flutter create my_app

 cd my_app

 flutter analyze

 flutter test

 flutter run lib/main.dart

For running the pub commands with the flutter tool

  • flutter pub get
  • flutter pub outdated
  • flutter pub upgrade

Are you a developer looking for nifty Flutter commands? You have the better option to learn about the must-know commands of Flutter. Since 2015, Flutter has been around as Google first introduced it.

Flutter is normally a cross-platform tool that is intended for creating Android and iOS apps. These would be based on a single code base enabled with the reactive framework. Flutter apps are specially built on Dart, which is the simple OOPS language.

Essential Flutter Commands

Normally, the Flutter revolves around widgets. It involves the UI made of different widgets. These are specially defined with amazing structural elements such as Menu or Buttons. Stylistic elements such as the color scheme, font, and many others are important in Flutter.

Step 1: Create A New Flutter App:

Start a new Flutter project

Flutter create my_app_name

Step 2: Run The App

You can easily run the app with

Flutter run

Step 3: Add Tooling Information

Run installed tools

flutter doctor


flutter doctor -v

Step 4: Remove The Cache

Clean up caches when you require them

flutter clean

Step 5: Update To The Current Flutter Version

You need to update the Flutter version for the app development

Flutter – version

Step 6: Add Current Channel:

Enter: flutter channel

Step 7: Install Packages

Use pubspec.yaml

adding packages to your pubspec.yaml file


flutter pub get

Step 8: Get Help With Flutter:

flutter -h

Step 9: Update The Flutter SDK:

flutter upgrade

Step 10: Build Apks For Installation:

Install the app on the device

Build APK with: Flutter build apk – release

Step 11: Check Available Devices:

See devices connected to Flutter

Flutter devices

Step 12: Generate JSON Serializable Files:

JSON serializable files for generating

flutter pub run build_runner build – delete-conflicting-outputs

Where To Run Flutter Commands?

Flutter is a popular cross-platform UI Framework to create amazing mobile, desktop as well as web applications. These are amazing portable frameworks that run on all devices. Flutter 2 gives the best release even during the Flutter Engage event. Flutter is the best cross-platform, so it is easier to use the same code base on Android and iOS.

Adding the right Flutter Commands can definitely save you resources. IntelliJ or Android Studio or VSCode are quite important to know about running the command. IDE uses these commands in the background to work efficiently with a single click. Many Flutter app experts work on programming language and execute the command line accordingly. Also know about CLI commands in Flutter.

All the commands need to be executed at desired location C:\Users\TheDoctor\NavokiProjectsPractice\sample\ path. 

You need to install and flutter setup. For instance, if you are looking to make a package name com.navoki.my_flutter_commands_app and is the web address of your organization, then you need to follow the –org parameter

flutter create –org=com.navoki  my_flutter_commands_app

check the application in the Android project

use –project-name parameter

flutter create –org=com.navoki –project-name=navoki my_flutter_commands_app

Flutter projects with the platform-specific native language would be supporting the 2 languages such as Java and Kotlin. These involve the native platform for is. These would be extensively supporting Objective C and Swift for iOS. Below are the parameters used in different platforms.

  • For The Native Language In The Android Platform

flutter create –org=com.navoki –android-language=java my_flutter_commands_app 

  • For The Native Language In The iOS Platform

flutter create –org=com.navoki –ios-language=objc my_flutter_commands_app


Flutter involves the hot reload features, so these allow you to view changes in codes. Command lines can be easily changed using simulators, hardware, and emulators. Changed code can be instantly reloaded in the app. There is no need to restart the app. Flutter Commands is great for building UIs and adding features.

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