The Unique Principles Of Design Necessary For Every App Designer To Know!

TekRevol being a top-tier Austin app development company strives to offer state of the art app development services that not only meets the critical needs of the business, but also assists them deal with real-time app development problems.

Anyhow, a professional mobile app development company London will know the tricks and tips of designing and developing an alluring mobile application – giving a memorable user experience.

You must be amazed to know that very few designers and developers focus on using principles of design that are necessary for every designer to know.

For instance, the proportional principle of design gives the idea about keeping everything in the picture properly balanced, and if you don’t keep it though, you’ll miss out on one of the most important pillars of design.

Similarly, to fast forward the process, we’ve got you covered up for this reason.

However, before jumping into the main topic of concerns, let’s first learn about the different practices, and strategies by which an ordinary app design company can push the boundaries of innovation and bring in conversions organically.

Why does the UI/UX of the website play a vital role in converting customers?

The bounce rate of the website is one of the primary factors any marketer should analyze, and look into, especially when the website is a key driver for generating leads, and potentially creating outcomes that are solution-driven, and data-encapsulated.

Here are some of the reasons why the UI/UX of the website play a crucial role in converting the customers into high-end revenue streams.

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The Phenomenon of Seamless User Navigation

Firstly, the most important factor for a seamless user experience is that if the website doesn’t give a seamless, and justified experience to the users, eventually, after some time, they’ll move to someone else.

You will be amazed to hear that, if a website lacks these factors like seamless user experience, navigation, user-centric designs, and layout then the end user will move further away from the website.

You don’t have to let your users go from the website, instead make them stick to it, and there are few things that you should consider while keeping the seamless user navigation in mind.

Sounds great?

Here are those key factors that one should consider;

–       An easy to navigate website that appeals to the audience, and makes them turn your visitors into customers.

–       A user-centric, data-driven, and quality-enriched approach that captivates the audience, and brings in more sign-ups.

–       A visually appealing, and captivating website that doesn’t make things bad for you, instead turns out to be the best thing for you.

The Unique Principles of Design

Regardless of what kind of mobile app developers in the UK, you’re planning to hire or anything else, the design factors should always be there because if you miss it out, you’ll regret it later.

Here are the 5 principles of design that one should consider while keeping different factors in mind.

01.Proportional Principle of Design

The first principle of design is the “proportional” principle of design which states that all the elements within the design should have the same proportion to give a balanced look, otherwise it will look cluttered.

Yes, you read it right!

If the website doesn’t look proportional to the elements, and the design is not balanced then you’re giving a really unprofessional look and feel to the users.

Hence, an experienced mobile app developer will always give value to these principles and add them up in the design layouts to give a better idea, and user experience.

02.Movement Principle of Design

Next we have the movement principle of design, which is a way in which the elements are designed and organized so that the viewer’s eye is led through the work of the art, in a systematic way, like it was discussed before.

Almost most of the designers follow these principles of design while designing anything, like from posters, to ebook covers, and everything.

One should always keep an eye on these principles before they design or even plan to design anything for the end users.

03.Unity Principle of Design

On third we’ve unity principles of design that is again a principle of the design that every designer should know.

It’s basically a combination of all the principles of design, and pulls together all the other elements within the design that should be focused, and kept in attention.

Each element of the design piece should feel like it belongs to each other, and stand out in a way that attracts, and eventually delights the audience.

04.Contrast Principle of Design

Contrast principle of design is related to the color combination, and the different variations people have been saying of since a very long time!

Anyways, the contrast principle of design states that all the colors used within the design should correlate with each other, and doesn’t look cluttered.

For instance, if you have used a dark color then don’t add it up with another darker shade that again gives an unusual look and feel.

Similarly, if you have used a lighter tone of color in the design or background then induce another lighter color then, it won’t give a seamless look.

Hence, in this principle of design you try to focus on the two colors that are contradictory to each other, and don’t overlap; hence, gives a professional look and feel.

05.White Space Principle of Design

On the fifth, we’ve moved the white space principle of design that is again a primary factor for any designer to know. 

In this mobile app development Dubai state that all the elements or colors or even layout in the design should be managed properly and give a seamless yet professional look to the end users.

A Quick Wrap Up

And we’re done for the day! We hope you enjoyed reading about the different unique principles of design, and how these principles will collide together to create an alluring design solution. Keep everything in mind, and always try to come up with better design solutions.

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