Management Assignment: Know These 10 Principles Before You Begin

Do you have the dream of being in the seat of manager, and to live this, you have chosen the management stream? If the answer is yes, you are not alone; several students think this way and study this subject. The thing that stresses out all these processes is writing their assignment, which most students hate. Due to this, they look for Management assignment help from experts. It is a vast subject that includes several complex topics, and to know all these is not easy for scholars. But one cannot even ignore this, as it is a part of their academic life. So in this article, you will learn some of the essential principles introduced by Henry Fayol that a student must know. Now you must be thinking why it is necessary, right? So the answer is that having in-depth knowledge about the subject you are reading is essential.

10 Management Principles by Henry Fayol

When the world was changing towards massive growth, Henry brought these theories. Through management, people learn to manage a group of individuals together. So, to know these can be useful for a beginner who wants to pursue a career in this field. It is not an easy subject, but learning is a process you cannot ignore. Many students hate writing papers and look for an assignment writing service. It reduces their stress, just as learning these principles will help you write your management paper.

1. Division of Work:

It is one of the first theory introduced by Henry Fayol. Where he says that when an employee is given a specific task, they become skilled at this. It is the opposite of a multi-tasking surrounding where employees are loaded with several tasks. Where they have to pay attention to every work individually. This hampers their work quality. So when you do one specific task, you become more productive, efficient, and skilled.

For example, In school or college, every sector runs by people who are specialists in a specific stream.

2. Unity of Command:

The unity of command principle states that in an company, there should be a clear chain of order. The employees must be clear on whose orders they need to follow and whose they do not. According to Henry, in any company, the employee must work under only one manager rather than one or two. There are various company where people work under the control of different managers. Due to this, their capacity and ability suffer. Even so, it is found that the employees are more stressed in this environment.

For example, In any firm an employee have to deliver a specific task within 4 hours by the manager, but their HOD asks them to finish it in 1 hour. So, in this case, it will create pressure in the workplace.

3. Authority:

In this principle, Henry wants to state that a manager should have a sense of control. It ensures that their orders are safely conveyed to the employees. If they did not have control, they would not know how to get work done. It should come with responsibility. There must be a balance between power and authority.

For example, If any employee has been given any work duty, but do not have the control to decide anything, they become stressed.

4. Remuneration:

This principle states that every employee should be paid equally without a biasness. If for any reason, a company underpays, then the employees will feel demotivated and will switch jobs frequently. Also, remuneration is vital due to various aspects, which include,

  • It builds good relationships between the company and the employees.
  • Motivates employees
  • Enhances their productivity
  • Better results are achieved

So, due to these reasons, a firm must not be bias and must pay equal salary to each employee according to their profile.

5. Unity of Direction:

According to this Henry Fayol principle, any management should check whether or not all of the work is organised manner. Also, if the employee is working in harmony towards the same objective, They must complete their work under the control of the manager. There should be a manager who needs to take an overview of all the tasks, and the goal should be fulfill in an organized manner.

For example various tasks are manage by various teams to prevent confusion.

6. Discipline:

This states that discipline is one thing that is most necessary to run a company or business successfully. Every employee needs to be in discipline to build a effective culture. Every employee must abide by the laws and regulations of the company. Breaking it must not be allow by any firm.

For example, In any company, every employee must follow discipline and have the right attitude for a well-maintained surrounding.

7. Scalar Chain:

Through this principle, Henry wants to say that there should be a transparent chain of link between employees and their seniors. People should know whom they must go to when they need any help. So, Henry tells there must be an firm chart for employees in the company.

For example, Every company has a specific chain from the highest level of authority, like the CEO or HOD, to the lower level, like managers and subordinates. They take care of each department allotted to them for productivity.

8. Initiative:

This principle states that every employee should take the step to show they want to actively involved in the company. They can even provide reviews, which a company must listen to and pay attention to. It will motivate employees to work more deeply.

For example, Taking reviews from employees of every sector will make them feel control and resolve their concerns.

9. Centralization:

It refers to all the power given to the higher level people. In decentralisation, it is provided to different levels of management and company can be anything depending on its choice. In totality, the bottom-level people have no authority. Similarly, in decentralisation, there is no superior authority that controls the company. So, to control this, a company must be based on these

For example, In a small firm, there is centralization, and in a big one, there is decentralisation.

10. Collective Interest Over Individual Interest:

In this principle, Henry wants to say that a company must work on the overall interest of the company rather than focusing on an individual. If an organization only focuses on personal interests, it will destroy. So instead, a company must see the interest of the entire team.

For example, While making an office outing, if an employee makes a decision, they will choose things depending on their affordability and comfort. So there is a possibility that it will not work in other ways.

So here you have seen some of the management theories that every student must be aware of before starting their paper. You can write your paper while keeping these in mind, if you think this is not worth it, you can take management assignment help online. Many students search for it and get assistance from some of the experienced writers. They are trustworthy and follow all the rules provided by the students. Apart from this, you can check on affordability and other things on their website. So do not stress about writing your academic papers now.

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